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5 photos of students engaging in school activities such as, earning Phoenix Awards, having a Camp Wellness day, using science tools, and planting seeds.



Every year, the Budget Subcommittee of the school’s Finance Committee convenes to develop a budget for approval by the Board of Directors. The subcommittee consists of administration, staff, and parents. The budget process typically begins in early March with final approval in May. The budget summarizes all revenue and expenses for PPPCS for the school year beginning July 1.


Every year, PPPCS is required to conduct an audit of its finances for the previous fiscal year. The fiscal and school years coincide so that the fiscal year runs from July 1 to June 30. The audit, conducted by an outside auditing firm, establishes that the school’s accounting information is valid and reliable, and that school adheres to its internal controls to track revenue and expenses. 

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