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Administration & Staff

Our main phone number is 410-558-1230; our extensions and emails are below. We are open Monday-Friday, 7:30 am - 3:30 pm when school is in session. Holiday and summer hours vary, so please call ahead before stopping by. 

Andrea O'Hara
Assistant Principal
Alexis Suskin-Sperry
Special Educator
Alison Aliberti
ESOL Teacher
Amanda Ashe
Pre-K Paraeducator
Alison Bucklin
5th Grade English Language Arts
Adrearna Fleet
5th Grade Social-Studies/Science
Allison Heintz
2nd Grade Teacher
Anne Hendrick
5th Grade Teacher
Aaron Hill
PreK Instructional Assistant
Ayana Nesbitt
1st Grade Instructional Assistant
Alicia Stewart
Reading Interventionalist
Brigid Cook
3rd Grade Instructional Assistant
Brittney Hajj
4th Grade Teacher
Blondene Leys
ESOL Teacher
Christy Looker
5th Grade Intervention Assistant
Cole Webster
Cafeteria Manager
Chanel Wells
Director of Finance
Debbie Mattera
K Instructional Assistant
Debbie Costas
Peace Coach
Dorothy Jones
ESOL Para-Professional
Diana Martinez
1st Grade Teacher
Debbie Salazar-Diaz
3rd Grade Teacher
Deja Smoot
3rd Grade Intervention Assistant
Emily Cannon-Coleman
K Teacher
Erin Leake
5th Grade Instructional Assistant
Emily Compoton
Special Educator
Eliza Greer
Associate of Development and Marketing
Evodie Ngoy
8th Grade Math/Science Teacher
Elise Park
Middle School Instructional Assistant
Gail Cuffie
Physical Education Teacher
Georgia Holland-Pence
5th Grade Teacher
Gillian Richter
Director of Development and Marketing
Heather Savino
3rd Grade English Language Arts
Haley Collins
8th Grade Science
Hite Hubbuch
4th Grade English Language Arts
Imani Lee
Speech and Language Pathologist
Ivelysse Claudio
Front Office Coordinator
Jahaira Carranza
7th Grade Math Teacher
JJ. Pierce
Executive Director
Jane Lindenfelser
6th/7th Grade Science Teacher
Jenna Adams
Special Educator
Jared Brewer
K Instructional Assistant
Joy Brooks
K Instructional Assistant Copy
Joy Brooks
ESOL Teacher
Jodi Gowans
Art Teacher
Jess Pegorsch
Interventionalist Para-professional
Janet Pinkett
Facilities Manager
Jahree Strong
PASS Program Coordinator
Jasmine Wigginton
Director of Technology
Klinton Kinder
Director of Intervention
Kelly O'Connor
Intervention Assistant
Kim Forsythe
1st Grade Teacher
Karra Osler
Spanish Teacher
Keami Sullivan
Special Education Instructional Assistant
K-Shaud Watkins
Kindergarten Paraeducator
Kahlilia Woodlon
PreK Teacher
Laura Koler
Director of Community Schools, Partnerships, and Programs
Liz Obara
PreK Teacher
Lori Raxenberg
ESOL Teacher
Liz Gutting
2nd Grade
Lindsay Ham
Elementary Reading Interventionalist
Liz Kaplan
Speech and Language Pathologist
Lauren Kostuk
3rd grade Social Studies / Science
Mary-Colleen Mckenna
4th Grade Teacher
Miranda Baxendale
2nd Grade Teacher
Monique Magras
Music Teacher
Mike Otto
7th Grade Language Arts Teacher
Martin Rabot
School Psychologist
Marina Shreiber
1st Grade Teacher
Melissa Smith
Middle School Reading Interventionalist
Michelle Van Patten
Kindergarten Teacher
Marty Widmann
Day Porter
James Holley
K Teacher
Natasha Perry
Information Technology Assistant
Nakia Daniels
4th Grade Math
Nate Jester
6th Grade Language Arts Teacher
Naomi Tsegaye
Office Assistant
Sola Ogundele
Special Educator
Rebecca Baughn
2nd Grade Teacher
Raquela Castine
K Teacher
Susana Reyes
School Psychologist
Susana Castillo
K Instructional Assistant
Sheneeka Dorsey
1st Grade Teacher
Serena Harris
PreK Instructional Assistant
Sara Luna
ESOL Teacher
Sandra Miles
Social Worker
Shayla Riddick
8th Grade Language Arts/Social Studies Teacher
Sabina Sully
Front Office Assistant
Tasha Bethea
6th/7th Grade Social Studies Teacher
Tom Consroe
Coverage Specialist
Tayonna Dunlape
4th Grade Instructional
Tiara Johnson
Special Educator
Waun'Shae Blount
Assistant Principal
Yolanda Manning
Miguel Cervantes del Toro
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